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Harry Shum Jr. tries out Google Glass for Tenth + Fourth, Venice (CA), April 23, 2014

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Posted: April 24 2014

Tenth + Fourth

Have you checked out Harry Shum Jr’s newest venture, Tenth + Fourth? Billed as the intersection between creativity and commerce, the site is basically a hub of all things cool, with a focus on technology and fashion.

Harry’s style has always been spot on; we can’t wait to hear more from him!

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Posted: April 12 2014

Harry Shum Jr. visits Robot Restaurant, Tokyo, September 12, 2013

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Posted: September 13 2013

Harry Shum Jr. arrives at the 2013 Do Something awards, Hollywood, July 31, 2013

"I got a new watch NOOKA! Takes some adjusting to tell time but I like a good challenge."

Nooka ‘Zex’ Watch - $325.00

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Posted: August 7 2013

Harry Shum Jr. arrives at the 2013 Do Something awards, Hollywood, July 31, 2013

When asked why he was wearing a black ribbon, Harry just replied “To remember Cory.”

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Worn with: Nooka watch

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Posted: August 1 2013

Harry Shum Jr. attends the Lakers Casino Night fundraiser, Los Angeles, March 10, 2013

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Posted: March 13 2013

Harry Shum Jr. and Kevin McHale attend the Topshop Topman LA Opening Party, West Hollywood, February 13, 2013

Harry’s smart gray sport jacket is now less than half price!

Topman Blue Fleck Oxford Blazer - $79.97 (60% off)

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Posted: February 14 2013

Harry Shum Jr. makes a video with Justine Ezarik (iJustine), Twitter, December 11, 2012

To be released next week, Harry today made a video with vlogger iJustine, who tweeted about it being a “matching sweater kinda day”.

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Posted: December 12 2012

Harry Shum Jr. appears at the launch of Tie The Knot, West Hollywood, November 14, 2012

Darren and Harry turned out to the launch of Tie The Knot, an organisation combining “all of our favorite things: humor, style, individuality, fashion, art, and equality. Founded by Jesse Tyler Ferguson and Justin Mikita, the goal of Tie the Knot is clear: to advocate for the civil rights of gay and lesbian Americans throughout the United States and to look damn good while doing it.”

Proceeds from the sale of the ties will go towards the Human Rights Campaign!

Tie The Knot Signature Bow Tie - $25.00

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Posted: November 17 2012

Harry Shum Jr. appears in the Fall 2012 issue of Hardly magazine, October, 2012

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Posted: October 29 2012