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Claire’s Red Monster Critter Hat - No longer available

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Posted: February 26 2013

Lauren’s schoolbag, like Mercedes’, is a retro printed messenger bag by MobileEdge!

Thanks metatronis!

MobileEdge Maddie Powers Messenger Bag - $59.99

Worn with: Urban Outfitters cardiganTorrid top

Also worn in: 2x18 ‘Born This Way’

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Posted: September 3 2012


Dillard’s Jodi Kristopher Strapless Ombre Dress - $99.00

The Real Look: Betsey Johnson dress

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Posted: October 22 2011

Forever 21+ Striped Sweater Top - $19.80

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Posted: September 28 2011

Torrid White and Red Cherry Cropped Cardigan - No longer available

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Posted: July 20 2011

"She breaks every fashion rule" - Fashion of Glee’s interview with Glee’s Ashley Fink (Lauren Zizes)

On Friday, Fashion of Glee spoke with the absolutely incredible Ashley Fink – I chatted to her about her favourite places to shop, working with Glee costume designer Lou Eyrich, plus-size clothing, and the style of her “unapologetically fashion-forward” character on Glee, Lauren Zizes:

FASHION OF GLEE: Do you have a favourite outfit that you’ve worn as Lauren, on Glee?
ASHLEY FINK: I really loved both of my prom dresses; the ‘lemon meringue’ one, and the one that Kurt picked out for me, I loved them both. Let’s see, Lauren’s worn some great outfits – she literally dresses everyday like she just doesn’t care, and she’s kinda telling the world ‘no’ every time she puts her outfits together. Who else can wear stripes with striped with plaid? There’s been a lot of outfits, but I guess Prom was a really special episode for that.

Did you have any say in what your prom dress was?
You know, I did and I didn’t – Lou Eyrich, our costume designer, is incredible, and she really works with things that you like and feel comfortable in, so we kind of designed it together. And then Sarah, our wonderful seamstress put it together. I like color, I love blue, and I said ‘Let’s do an empire waist’ – it was fun – it was a little team effort. But Lou… Lou’s a goddess, she could do anything. And, I even had the dazzled Converses, because Lauren’s thing is that I wear Converses. Always. Maybe twice I’ve worn something else on the show, and it was for a number…but, she had my blue Converses, and she sparkled them out. And I rocked them.

It’s great to see characters on such a popular show like Glee, who show that you can still have curves, but dress to flatter yourself and look awesome.
Yeah! You know, it’s like…I hate when they always put the chubby girl in a sack. Or, couch upholstery, or a garbage bag – but, there’s fashion available for every size and every body type. And I love that Lauren is unapologetically fashion-forward.

Would you say that your personal style is similar to Lauren’s?
I would say it’s similar; I wear a lot of skirts and leggings, however I’m a black and grey and blue person – Lauren’s very adventurous, she wears rainbow with plaid with stripes. And I think she pulls it off, but she’s not afraid to mix all the patterns. She breaks every fashion rule. I’m not as cool as Lauren, but, you know, I like band shirts, and suspenders, and vests. I’m a little alternative.

Has working with Lou Eyrich and playing Lauren changed the way you dress yourself?
Yeah, a little bit! For sure. I didn’t [use to] dress up a lot – I’m very casual, I’ve got a lot of great casual clothes, but working with Lou – she helped me with my outfit for the Golden Globes, and the Oscars as well, cause she’s, you know, a saint – she’s really helped me in the area of dressing up.

Do you have favourite places to shop?
I love Torrid, Torrid is incredible for the bigger ladies.

We see so much Torrid on the show!
You do! Because the thing is, it’s fashionable, and it’s current. Forever 21 has a plus size line that I wear a lot of on the show, and I wear a lot of Urban Outfitters. And the funny thing is, I wear a lot from the guys’ section. I accessorise a lot from All Saints, I wear a lot of Converses, and Toms shoes.

We definitely see that with Mercedes and Lauren, but it still looks feminine, you know?
Yeah, and I love that, I love the ambiguity of clothing.

You can join the GLEE cast, this weekend at GLEEK ON in Sydney and Melbourne. For tickets and more information head to

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Posted: July 17 2011

Torrid Olive Tribal Print Leggings - $25.00

Worn with: Torrid skirt

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Posted: June 4 2011

Forever 21+ Contrast Stripes Top - $12.99

Worn with: Torrid skirt

Also worn in: 2x10 ‘A Very Glee Christmas’ with Torrid skirt

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Posted: May 28 2011

Torrid Polka Dot Chiffon Mini Skirt - $38.50

Worn with: Torrid leggings

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Posted: May 24 2011

For the ladies:

Lacoste Short Sleeve 5-Button Stretch Pique Polo Shirt - $79.50

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Posted: May 22 2011