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Natori ‘Dynasty’ Mandarin Caftan - $160.00

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Posted: April 25 2014

Sue Sylvester to ditch tracksuits?

Although Glee's Sue Sylvester will never change her stripes, she may be ditching the track suits.

“She’s the principal now, and she’s maturing and eager to rally the school and make it the best it can be,” said actress Jane Lynch, who plays Sue in the Fox television show Glee. “She’ll keep the stripes but she may lose the outfit,” Lynch told the Journal at the Fox Fall Eco-Casino Party held at Bungalow Monday night.

As the writers reconvene over the hiatus, Lynch said she’s excited to keep going as her character is evolving. “There’s just nothing she won’t do for the success of the school,” Lynch said.


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Posted: September 11 2013
“I think [Sue Sylvester]’ll always be in a tracksuit. I think wherever she goes, she will wear a version of her tracksuit, but the McKinley High tracksuit? Who knows…”
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Posted: July 6 2013

It turns out that after all these years, Sue’s powers were kept in her collection of Adidas tracksuits. Take them away, and she has nothing!

Nordstrom Zella ‘Streamline’ Jacket - $98.00

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Posted: April 24 2013

Thanks prettylittle-fashionista!

Bebe Metal Plate Skinny Belt - No longer availalble

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Posted: March 16 2013

Costume Design - All the Rage

Rooney Mara, Kate Beckinsale, Chloe Moretz and Penelope Ann Miller were among the guests who came out to celebrate costume design in TV and film at the 14th annual Costume Designers Guild Awards on Tuesday night at the Beverly Hilton.

"We are celebrating the spirit of collaboration between actors and costume designers," said actress Jane Lynch, the mistress of ceremonies for the evening. She went on to talk about her experience on "Glee" with costume designer Lou Eyrich, who got her start way back when as a stylist for Manhattan Transfer.

"The first fitting, she gave me an off-the-rack Adidas track suit," Lynch remembered. "She had ripped it apart. But I am so hard to fit, she just said, ‘We are going to have to make them for you.’ Now, I have 35 custom track suits in my wardrobe closet. And you won’t rip that track suit off my body until it goes into the Smithsonian."

After being introduced by “Glee” creator Ryan Murphy, Eyrich was honored with a Career Achievement in Televison Award, as well as winning the award for Outstanding Contemporary TV Series, along with co-designer Jennifer Eve, for “Glee.” 

"This job is like being handed a script, pushed off a cliff, and having to have the crew dressed and ready before you hit the ground," Eyrich said in her acceptance speech.


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Posted: May 18 2012

Now’s your chance to buy your own little piece of Glee, by bidding on one of Sue Sylvester’s actual tracksuits, autographed by and seen on Jane Lynch!

Adidas Firebird Tracksuit worn and autographed by Jane Lynch - Starting from $170.00

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Posted: March 11 2012

It’s almost Halloween, and this year FOX has released official licensed costumes!

Choose from Sue Sylvester in her famous tracksuit, a Cheerio’s uniform (including optional inflatable belly if you’re going for the pregnant!Quinn look), and a McKinley football player, complete with a mohawk-style wig a la Puckasaurus.

If you’re an opportunist like me, you can also see this as a way to grab a Cheerios’ costume or McKinley letterman jacket on the cheap!

Sue Sylvester Costume - $44.99 [Adult Size]

  • Includes jacket, pants, and wig

Cheerios Costume - $39.99 [Adult Size] $36.99 [Teen Size]

  • Includes top, skirt, pom poms, and inflatable belly (yes really!)

Puck / Football Player Costume - $49.99 [Adult Size] $44.99 [Teen Size]

  • Includes varsity letterman jacket, and mohawk wig

Which Glee character will you be going as this year?

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Posted: October 13 2011
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Posted: March 19 2011

This already awesome coat was embellished with some Adidas-esque stripes and a bullhorn applique.

Thanks carolinesulich!

Tahari Black Greta Pillow Collar Down Coat - No longer available

Also worn in: 2x13 ‘Comeback’, 2x14 ‘Blame It On the Alcohol’, 2x15 ‘Sexy’, 2x16 ‘Original Song’

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Posted: February 7 2011