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Vanessa Lengies arrives at Entertainment Weekly's pre-Emmy party, West Hollywood, August 23, 2014

Mac Duggal Twelve Dress 1939T - $478.00

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Posted: August 24 2014

Vanessa tweets about her sneakers, Los Angeles, August 20, 2014

Dianna Agron isn’t the only Glee lady who is head-over-heels for the Keds and Kate Spade collab - Vanessa recently picked up 4 pairs for herself!

Keds ‘Pointer Spur’ Calf Hair Sneakers - $89.95

Keds for Kate Spade ‘Pointer Cheetah’ Sneakers - $80.00

Keds for Kate Spade ‘Champ’ Sneakers - $74.95

Keds for Kate Spade ‘Kick’ Sneakers - $75.00

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Posted: August 21 2014
“I’m so lucky to play Sugar because she does get the best wardrobe. Sugar is always in something fluffy, feathery, animal print-y, sparkly… she doesn’t ever stop with the amazing wardrobe. There’s a neon number… I thought, when I saw the wardrobe in my trailer, that everyone was going to be wearing neon, but no - just Sugar. And it was fantastic… it was so fun, I love neon!”
Vanessa Lengies on Sugar Motta’s Season 3 wardrobe
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Posted: January 19 2014

Vanessa Lengies celebrates Kevin McHale’s birthday, Cancun, June 23, 2013

Tamara Catz Tosca Lace Strappy Bikini Bandeau Top - $68.00

Tamara Catz Tosca Lace Strappy Bikini Bottom - $68.00

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Posted: June 25 2013

Vanessa Lengies attends Kari Feinstein’s Pre-Golden Globes Style Lounge, Hollywood, January 10, 2013

"I was made for Taylor Says heart pumps!" tweeted Vanessa, after receiving these pumps at a celebrity giveaway. The question is, who wasn’t made for them? Two pairs, please!

Taylor Says Royal Hearts Turquoise Pumps - $219.99

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Posted: January 18 2013

Vanessa Lengies tweets about her “wild” day, Los Angeles, December 22, 2012

To see more of Vanessa’s beautiful Theodora & Callum scarves, check out the Theodora & Callum tag!

Theodora & Callum Blue Multi Tahiti Wearable Art Scarf - $155.00

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Posted: December 23 2012

Vanessa Lengies celebrates the Nylon September Issue at Mr. C, Beverly Hills, September 15, 2012

Elephant Heart Jewelry Deco Chain Bracelet - $68.00

Worn with: Elephant Heart Jewelry necklaceJay Godfrey dress

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Posted: October 20 2012

Vanessa Lengies celebrates the Nylon September Issue at Mr. C, Beverly Hills, September 15, 2012

Such a small, fine necklace - but big impact! Vanessa proves that less really can be more.

Elephant Heart Jewelry Sundrop Necklace - $110.00

Worn with: Jay Godfrey dress, Elephant Heart Jewelry bracelet

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Posted: October 18 2012

Darren Criss and Vanessa Lengies  tweet on the set of Glee, Los Angeles, October 15, 2012

BB Dakota Maya Lariat Cardigan - $84.00

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Posted: October 16 2012

Vanessa Lengies Founds VAROJ: E-Commerce With a Cause

Vanessa Lengies is launching her own members only e-commerce marketplace… with a twist.

"It’s called VAROJ! Which means “goods” in Esperanto, and VAROJ makes good goods good!” gushes the starlet about her new venture. Every product featured on will benefit a different charity mindfully selected by the designer.

The site is modern, sophisticated, and fashion forward which contradicts our association with charity products being crunchy and granola. “We found all these businesses making fantastic products,” says Lengies, “we asked each of them what good cause they were passionate about and paired them together! It makes “giving” limitless, with no more sacrificing for quality or design! Everything is handpicked for greatness and the donation is baked in the MSRP so our VAROJ members are getting the best price.”


This week, VAROJ’s celebrity collaboration is with Vanessa herself! This exclusive t-shirt was designed by Vanessa, with 25% of the purchase price going to The Conservation Fund, which combines passion for conservation with entrepreneurial spirit to save wild land across America.

"Wear the message of acceptance, and spread the love with this glowing heart rainbow I made for you," says Vanessa.

VAROJ The Perfect Lady T-Shirt - $40.00

VAROJ The Perfect Sir T-Shirt - $40.00

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Posted: October 9 2012